Tripod Turnstile Gate TR01

Tripod Turnstile Gate TR01

HF-TR01 Turnstile Tripod Device

Tripod Turnstile: Efficient and Secure Access Control Solution

The standard tripod turnstile is an all-in-one access control device that combines efficiency, safety, and convenience. It is widely used in various public places such as subway stations, office buildings, factories, and campuses. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it boasts features like rust and corrosion resistance, ensuring durability and long service life.

Product Features:

Intelligent Control System

Supports multiple identification methods such as card swiping, QR codes, and fingerprint recognition, ensuring precise access control.

High Security

Built-in anti-tailgating and anti-pinch functions ensure safe passage. In emergencies, it can quickly switch to free passage mode to facilitate smooth evacuation.

User-Friendly Design

The damping design of the turnstile ensures smooth and quiet rotation, providing a comfortable user experience.

Easy Maintenance

Modular design makes maintenance convenient and supports remote fault diagnosis, reducing maintenance costs.

Elegant Appearance

Simple and stylish exterior design seamlessly integrates with modern architectural environments, enhancing the overall image of the venue.

High Cost-Performance

Offers exceptional value by combining advanced features and durability at an affordable price point, making it a cost-effective solution for various applications.

Product Information

Chassis material304 stainless steel,cover steel1.2 MM thickness/sidebody
Working voltageAC220±10%V50±10%HZ
Power consumption100W
Rotating rod transmission angle120 degrees
Rotating rod directionone-way or two-way
Working environmentindoor,outdoor(shadeshed)-10℃~70℃Relative
humidity:≤90%,no condensation
Gate opening and closing time0.8-1 second adjustable
Passing speed30 people/minute(normally open),25-30 people/minute
(normally closed)
Time required to enter the traffic state after power-on2 seconds
Normal service lifemore than  5 million continuousro tations
Gate opening angle90±5
Communication interfacestandard RS485 interface,232 protocol,distance≤
1200 meters
Input interfacerelay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with
pulse width > 100ms,drive current>10mA
Control System Newmulti-functionself-testmotherboard
Control Technology Advanced motiondrive algorithm technology
Communication Function Communicate with PC via RS485
Indication function Red(alarm),green(working)indicator lights
Operating/Storage Temperature 45℃/-20℃~55℃
Operating/Storage Humidity 40%~80%/0%~90%(No dew)
Protection level IP10
Vibration/shock resistance 4.9m/s²/19.6m/s²
Altitude <1000m,Please derate when the distanceis above 1000m
Atmospheric pressure 86/106kpa
Voltage DC5v±0.25
Current consumption 150mA
Responding speed 600RPM
Output way ZPulse
Operating temperature -40~125℃
Storage temperature -40~125℃
Resistant to vibration 49m/s
Impact resistance 980m/s
Operating Voltage DC24V
Power 21W
Torque 100Nm
Swing arm stainless steel material
Material stainless steel
Thickness 8-12mm
Length 500-550
HF-TR01Product Dimensions
HF-TR01Product Dimensions
Installation diagram
Installation diagram

Our turnstile packaging utilizes high-quality wooden crates for shipping, effectively reducing potential impacts and damage during transportation. We are committed to ensuring that our products reach you safely and without any issues. Choose our products for a worry-free delivery experience, giving you peace of mind.

Turnstile Package
Turnstile Package

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