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1.Scenic ticket system

Industry Overview

For a long time, the complexity of the scenic spot, the variety of demand and the convenience of visitors with comfortable experience, This is the main problem that the scenic need to face, How to bring visitors to get a good experience, To the real "wisdom area, enjoy tourism "

Overview of the program

With the large tourist flow in scenic spots. Ticket costs will be very important considerations. Tourist attractions happened "a ticket to allow multiple access" normally and other similar situation. Usually the electronic ticket system in dealing with this process, Use "people bound" technology. "People Binding" means: a ticket can only allow one person to use, Can not be borrowed by other. "People Binding" are generally added to biometric technology, using the "first acquisition after comparison" of the basic process. Scenic area admission to the use of biometric identification, Visitors do not have to carry tickets or do not have to produce electronic tickets, It’s convenience of tourists to verify the effectiveness of tickets.

System Features

1. Manage finger vein of intelligent access control attendance management system with various types of basic information;

2. Using finger vein recognition technology and intelligent sensor technology, through multiple intelligent authentication to effectively prevent illegal access to the regulatory area.


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2. Endowment Insurance


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3.Pharmacy management


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