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Huifan provides a whole set of equipments for hospital

Time Attendance System:

The increasing staff bring a lot of work in attendance management to the personnel department. It is error-prone when the traditional time and attendance machine deals with a large mount of information. Its attendance record’s authenticity and real time are not high. Huifan attendance machine can view late and leave early of staff in real time, improve work efficiency, standardize the attendance management. Through using Huifan’s attendance management system, You can grasp the work information of each employee, understand the operation of the human resources of the hospital, prepare and introduce the work of the staff in advance, and improve the work efficiency, to achieve the hospital staff attendance information management.

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Access Control System:
A whole set of access control system includes front access control, card reader, electronic control lock, door switch, door button and emergency break glass button. It is mainly installed at the hospital room entrance to prevent unrelated person from entering, including the operating room, baby room, drug room and important room area, office area, equipment area, through set different parameters and permissions to improve the security.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Drug Distribution Application:

Patients will enrol their fingerprint to store it in hospital’ database. When the patients put their finger in the fingerprint reader, the doctors will know the patient's medical history and personal information. The patient recognizes the fingerprint in the pharmacy, and the drug dispenser automatically distributes the medicine belonging to him. That’s very convenient and efficient.

fingerprint reader as drug distributor