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Detailed description

  • Adopting encoder digital positioning, Opening door positioning.
  • Adopting brake locking anti-collision design.
  • Adopting planing groove process, small gap spacing, each processing angle is 90 degrees vertical.
  • illegal intrusion, directional retrograde alarm.
  • infrared anti-clip protection;
  • three-dimensional anti-collision movement;
  • brand high-end DC brushless motor;
  • brand circular infrared.
  • brand power supply;
  • exquisite LED light bar, exquisite indicator.
  • high hardness carton packaging, long and short distance transport without wooden frame, can withstand hundreds of pounds of weight extrusion.
  • Support OEM/ODM
Material 304 brushed stainless steel.
Channel width 500-800mm
External dimensions 1400*120*990mm
lid thickness 1.5mm
Case thickness 1.2mm
Infrared number 6 pairs
Drive mode Digital mode


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