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Face Temperature



 RA08T Face Temperature Detection and Recognition Terminal

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RA08T Outdoor Facial Recognition Access Control & Attendance Register  is HFSecurity newest 8 inch touch screen
dynamic dual face live scan time attendance access control with temperature ;
Android 7 OS,supports Ethernet and WIFI connection.It can detect 5 moving persons at 5 meters within 0.7 seconds,
IP64 level,work outdoor and mainly be designed for turnstile system.EU COVID Certificate Green Pass, Fingerprint Scanner Recognition
check in / break out / break in/ check out


Face Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control
• 8 inch touch screen
• IP64 Waterproof,
• Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi), optional 4G, QR Code
10 reasons why RA08T biometric access control face recognition  is the top seller?

1. RA08T face recognition time and attendance machine

body is made of aluminum alloy,
with strong heat dissipation and thermal conductivity to maintain the system college long time operation.
It can be connected to gates, locks and other access control functions for reliable security.

RA08T face cloud attendance device has 8 inches touch screen, easy to admin operation management, as good as cell phone and tablet.

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RA08T biometric face recognition system Facial temperature measuring device adopts unmanned management, automatic detection of equipment, no need for special people to measure temperature, saving company expenses, high temperature alarm function to remind managers in real time, temperature measurement function to help everyone away from the epidemic, from prevention and control to do



RA08T biometric face recognition time attendance has Open API and source code, the users can do a deep and suitable app for themselves based on the real situation or the different cases




RA08T face detection face recognition device use HDMI interface supported, for some public places it will shows more clear


QR/Card function supported, it is works even for some visitors

HFSecurity RA08T HDMI Face Recognition Device



RA08T face identity recognition devise Questionnaire health check fuction , users must answer some questions before recognition, it is a good way to do the first screening


HFSecurity RA08T Questionnaire Face Recognition Device


RA08T face recognition api android device with different version of the model, it’s flexible for different application places, lobby, office, security building, etc,.


HFSecurity RA08T face recognition api android DEVICE


RA08T face recognition android system device support customized service, we can do ODM/OEM based on some specific functions, little cost and fast delivery 


HFSecurity Face Recognition Tarce together


RA08T face recognition and biometric certification device Connect the printer to strictly implement temperature measurement and print the temperature data for viewing and checking, avoiding repeated testing


HFSecurity Face Recognition Printer

RA08T face image recognition Facial temperature measurement products are the current market trend, the faster you enter the market, the more you can grab the dividends, a mature mass production products + experienced and dedicated biometric manufacturers is the pill of certainty to move forward

HFSecurity Face Recognition Temperature Device Series
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HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier




8 inches touch screen, full view angle,  IPS LCD screen



Dual Camera 

2.0M (RGB Camera) ; 1.0M (Infrared Camera)


Wide dynamic camera



Focal Length 


White Balance    


Wide Dynamic        


Vertical Wide Angle

Face Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control

Horizontal Angle

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal
Core Parameter
CPU  4 cores, 1.8GHz 


OS Android 7
Filling Light      LED filling light
Card Reader (Optional)     Ic card reader
Network Module Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi)


1 channel audio output (line out)
Serial Communication Interface


USB 2.0, RJ45
Relay Output Support
Wiegand Interface support Wiegand 26/34 input /output 
Reset Interface Yes
Customized 4G,EU COVID Certificate Green Pass, HDMI, PDF417, QR Code, Health Code, HID,
Face Detection Support
1:N Face Recognition 99.99%
Face Capacity 20,000
1:1 Person Certificate  Comparison
More than 99%
Temperature detection Support
Stranger Detection Support
Remote Upgrade of Equipment Support
Recognize Distance Support
Protection Level   IP64, certain dustproof and waterproof function

Fingerprint Scanner

Sensor FAP10 Capacitive Sensor
FRR 0.01%
FAR 0.001%
Fingerprint Verification Time 1S
Image Size 256*360 pixels
Image Resolution 508 DPI
Fingerprint Standard ISO19794-2
General Parameters
Power Supply   DC12V (±10%)
Operating Temperature 16℃~30℃
Working Humidity     10% to 90%
Power Consumption  10W MAX
Installation Method Turnstile, Wall mounted, Desktop, Floor Type
Device Size 234(L)*125(W)*24.5(H)mm
Weight 3KG (Device Only)

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Customer FeedBack

HFSecurity RA08T Face Recognition building


HFSecurity RA08T People FaceRecognition Time Attendance






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