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Biometric Time Attendance


Face Fingerprint Recognition Device RA08 is 8 inch android system device, with free  face recognition access softeware. if you need free sdk, you can contact us 

New Function:


HFSecurity RA08 Face Fingerprint Recognition Device



1. 8 inch Touch Screen

2. 4G, HDMI, PDF, Bluetooth

3. FAP10 Fingerprint Scanner

4. Face Recognition Access Control

5. Health Code Scan


RA08 Fingerprint Face Recognition access control manufacturer Support Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, RFID Function, Optional Health Code Scan,

8 incn touch screen, android 11 system

HFSecurity 8 inch Fingerprint Face Recognition Device

RA08 Fingerprint Scanner  Face Recognition Methods, it has various recognition methods such as contact and contactless

HFSecurity 8 inch Face Fingerprint Scan Recogniton Device

RA08 face recognition access control system  has dual camera recognition, wide dynamic camera, infrared in vivo detetcion, accuracy rate>99%

HFSecurity RA08 Face Fingerprint Recognition Device

RA08 Face Fingerprint Scan AI Algorithm Recognition, Correctly identified all type of makeup and effedtively prevents cheating

HFSecurity RA08 Face Fingerprint Recognition Device


RA08 Face Recognition Access Control Device with fingerprint function, has own large storage capacity. 2GB RAM

+ 16 GB ROM Large Storage Capacity for large enterprises


HFSecurity RA08 Face Fingerprint Recognition Device

HFSecurity RA08 Face Fingerprint Recognition Device

HFSecurity RA08 Face Fingerprint Recognition Device



Dimension 8 inch Touch Screen, ull view angle, IPS LCD scree
Resolution 1280×800
Core Parameter
CPU 4 cores, 1.8GH, Android 11
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
Filling Light LED illing light
Card Reader (Optional) Ic card reader 
Network Module Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi)
OEM/ODM Support
Dual Camera 2.0M (RGB Camera); 1.3M (Infrared Camera)
Type Wide dynamic camera
Wide Dynamic Automatic
White Balance Automatic
Aperture 4m
Focal Length 0-2m
Wiegand Interface Support Wiegand 26/34 input /output
Serial Communication Interface RS232
Relay Output NC,NO and COM
Reset Interface
Optional QR Code, HDMI, HID, Health Code, 4G, Printer
Health Code Scan EU Health Code, Safe Entry, UAE Health Code, UK Health Code, Lithuanian Health Code
Interface USB2.0 RJ45
Face Detection 50.000 Capacity Support Detecting and tracking 5 people at the same time
1:N Face Recognition 99.99%
Recognition Distance Support (0.5- meters)
Remote Upgrade of Equipment Support
Stranger Detection Support
Protection Level IP65
Fingerprint Scanner
Sensor FAP10 Capacitive Sensor, 20,000 Fingerprint Capacity
FAR 0.0001%
Image Resolution 508 DPI
Fingerprint Verification Time 1S
Image Size 256*360 pixel
FRR 0.01%
Fingerprint Standard  ISO19794-2
General Parameters
Power Supply DC12 V(±10%)
Working Humidity 10% to 90%
Device Size 370(L)*125(W)*24.5(H)mm
Installation Method  Turnstile, Wall mounted, Desktop, Floor Type
Operationg Temperature -10℃~60 ℃
Power Consumption 10W Max
Weight 3KG