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Fingerprint Scanner




HF7000 fingerprint scanner definition biometric 

HF7000 is the first Bluetooth fingerprint reader in the world, HFSecurity's patent product. It aims to
solve the connection problem in the use of traditional fingerprint reader and make it more convenient
to use. Also supports Android, Windows, IOS, Linux. As one of our best selling fingerprint scanners, it
has been widely used for elections, telecom, banking, e-ID, e-passport, etc.

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FBI Certified Fingerprint Scanners


The HF7000 usb  fingerprint scanner is certified by the FBI and has an FBI certificate


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HF7000 USB Fingerprint Reader built in recharable lithium battery 


Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, small size, can be carriedaround, 
collect fingerprints anytime, anywhere
Take it with you and collect fingerprints anytime, anywhere

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HF7000 508DPI Capture Fingerprint Sensor


High quality image capture with up to 508DPI
resolution Support private fingerprint feature point template format and ISO
international standard fingerprint feature point template format

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HF7000 Living Fingerprint Recognition


HF7000 Fingerprint Scanner android living fingerprint recognition, effective identification
of fake fingerprints
Using semiconductor live fingerprint recognition technology,
it can effectively identify artificial fingerprints with high security level

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HF7000 Biometric Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner Algorithm


Advanced fingerprint matching algorithm, high
fingerprint recognition rate and fast matching speed
Applicability to a variety of fingerprint types, dry fingers, wet fingers,
shallow texture fingerprints can be accurately identified, complete
matching within 1 second

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HF7000 Professional Fingerprint Scanner Software


Support professional software, Bluetooth wireless communication
You can use Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones (Android
and iOS) laptops (Windows, etc.) for fingerprint recognition
and smart card authentication; use mobile phones instead of
professional handheld terminal
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HF7000 Fingerprint Scanner Auto-Capture System 



At the same time support USB connection computer
use, support fingerprint image export
USB input interface can be connected to the computer as a USB
fingerprint collector
Mirco or Type C(optional)

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HF7000 USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner Free SDK Development kit

Support Windows, Linux,  Android, IOs and other

platform development applications, provide technical support

HF7000 Portable Fingerprint Scanner suitable with HFSecurity Biometric Tablet 


Seamless combination HFSecurity Bionetric Tablet Device

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Dimensions 83 (L) * 42.5 (W) *16 (H) mm
Supporting Cards Mifare Card (13.56MHz card) , NFC 13.56Mhz card 
Working Currency  Maxim 100mA
Working Voltage Built-in 3.7V lithium battery (1000mAh) 
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Hunidity 0-90% (no frosty) 
Fingerprint Sensor
Sensor Capacitive
Fingerprint Collection Reject fake fingers,live finger detection,LFD
FRR 0.01%
FAR 0.0001%
Fingerprint Verification Time <1S
Image Size 256*360 pixels 
Image Resolution 508DPI
Gray Scale 8-bit (256 levels) 
Image Array 18mm*12.8mm
Anti-static Electric Capacity IEC6100-4-2 standard 15KV
Fingerprint Standard  ISO19794-2/-4,ANSI378
Image Format WSQ, BMP, RAW, etc
OS Android, Windows, Linux, IOS
USB Micro or Type C(optional)
Bluetooth Support

fingerprint scanner for timeattendance

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