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Fingerprint Door Lock



biometric devicebiometric device



  HF-BP01 Bluetooth/WIFI Password hotel/ apartment central Management Door Lock    

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

  • Your Smartphone is Now a Smart Key.

Lock and unlock your door, create ekeys for guests,and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your smartphone.

  • Create time-limited passwords for non-smartphone users
For users using traditional mobile phones, they can not use smart app, house owners can send an eight-digit time-limited password to this user. The duration of the password can be one-time, one minute, one day, one year, or permanent
  • Eliminate hacker security risks
Smart phones and smart locks must be within the visual range, they need to touch the smart phone screen to unlock, the unlock process does not need to go through the Internet, eliminating all remote unlock and remote control security risks, any hackers can not break
  • Real-time display safe batterypercent in smart app
Real-time display of the batterypercent,when the safe battery is about to run out, APP will remind users to replace the battery in time
  • Password protection, No need worry about lost of phone
After the phone is lost, use the new phone login APP, change the APP login password, lost phone can not login APP, App electronic key and unlocking record still exists
  • Remotely unlock your door from anywhere on the earth
You can use your smart app to open your door lock anywhere you have a network (gateway required)
  • No second party to know the password and ekey except yourself
The communication between the intelligent app and the server is via AES128 bit encryption, dynamic encryption authentication, Bluetooth transmission encryption processing, our company, server provider and any second party can not crack your ekey and password
  • Quickly add and remove users
When company has employees to join or leave, company manager can quickly create ekey, when he left, he&she can immediately delete ekey,theoretically smart app can manage numerous employees ekey
  • Remote sending time-limited ekey
The house owner send a time-limited ekey for house cleaner .For example the Ekey is valid only from 3 pm to 5 pm, the unlock record will be uploaded to the owner's smart app by real-time
  • One app controls all locks
Your app can control the office lock, office access, parking lock, home lock, etc. no longer have to carry a bunch of keys

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

bluetooth door lock


Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Standards Bluetooth Specification v4.0 (Bluetooth Smart) ( Wifi is optional, need to work with gateway)
Power Requirement 4 AA Alkaline Batteries 
Unlocking method Long range remote control,ekey,Password, Mechanical key and IC card
Password length 8 digits (randam)
Dimensions 28mm(H) x 78mm (W) x305 mm(L) (1.1'' x 3'' x 12'')
Door thickness 38-50mm
Device Weight 2600g(5.72oz)
Available color Silver           Gold 
Working voltage 4.8-6.5v
Static current) ≤20μA
Dynamic current ≤200mA

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