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HF-500-GSM - GSM alarm


.burglar alarm circuit

1.8-way wired, 99-way wireless zone; can store five wireless remote control, wireless automatic code
2.Preset 6 groups of alarm calls, 2 groups of SMS numbers. AC power and power messages are prompted (built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
3.Built-in speaker, external wired / wireless alarm (optional). Voice options: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, etc. (OEM)
4.LCD screen display, built-in universal clock, calendar, a variety of zone type optional, alarm location can be compiled, timing arm and disarm, remote remote control, monitoring, intercom function, recording, on-site alarm and other operations
5.Configuration: host 1 + infrared 1 + door 1 + remote control 2 + power supply 1 + alarm 1
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