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Face Temperature

HFSecurity is an 8 inch palm vein face recognition access control device that can be used to secure homes, offices, and other buildings. It uses infrared technology to record the unique palm veins of each user, and can identify up to three different people within a few seconds. HFSecurity is extremely accurate, with a false positive rate of less than 0.001%. This makes it one of the most secure access control devices on the market.
HFSecurity is easy to use, with a simple touch of the screen to record your palm veins. It is also quick and convenient, with no need to remember passwords or carry keycards. HFSecurity is also very tough and durable, able to withstand heavy use and abuse.
HFSecurity is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a secure and convenient way to control access to their home or office. It is perfect for businesses who want to protect their premises from unauthorized entry, and for families who want to keep their home safe from intruders. With HFSecurity, you can be sure that only authorized people have access to your property.


Screen Size 8 inch , full view IPS LCD
Resolution 1024*600, brightness 350cd
Protection Level IP67
Power Consumption DC12V
Electromagnetic Radiation No frequency point exceeds the standard
Static Humidity 4K/8K
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Working Temperature 15-30℃
Power Supply 5W Max
OS Android 11 
ISP Built in dual way ISP
Patch Light Infrared LED fill light
Network Module Support wired 2.4G wifi, 4G optional
Battery (optional) Optional battery can be added for outdoor use
Local off line use local 2W face database
1:N face recognition Support
1:1 Support
Stranger Detection Support
Recognition Distance Setting Support
Device Remote Upgrade Support
Device Interface Device management, authority management, Personnel/photo management, record query etc
Resolution 2.0M pixels
Type RGB+ir
Aperture 2.0mm
Facial Length 50-150CM
White Balance Automatic


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