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Biometric Time Attendance


Palm Vein Face Recognition Access Control

The palm print/palm vein recognition access control integrated machine is a palm print/palm vein recognition attendance and access control terminal product. Non contact recognition of palm print/palm vein, with high accuracy and excellent algorithm performance. The accuracy rate of binocular live detection is 99 The 5% palmprint algorithm has a reading speed of 800 milliseconds and can effectively Face defend against various forms of attacks such as photos, videos, and electronic screen images. Supporting multiple combination methods such as palm print/palm vein recognition, card swiping, face and password authentication, it can be used in commercial real estate, corporate buildings, hotels, governments, industrial parks, industrial parks, campuses, small businesses, construction sites, shops, and other places. Meet the palm print recognition needs of customers in various scenarios.

HFSECURITY FR05P Palm Vein Face Recognition Access Control

Size IPS 5.0-inch LCD; Resolution 720*1280
Product Function Support palm print / palm vein / swipe card (IC, ID) /password authentication, optional face recognition
Palmprint Algorithm Read speed 800 ms
Face Algorithm Absentee/face recognition speed ≥ 1 sec.
Recognition distance 0 . 2m - 0 . 5m
Swipe Module Reading speed ≤ 0 . 5 seconds
Camera 200W resolution
OS Android 11
CPU RK3568, quad-core, main frequency 2.0GHz
Wiegand Support Wiegand 26/34 adaptive transmission
Door Opening Signal COM/NO/NC
U S B 2-way USB interface
Serial Port RS485
Signal WiFi2.4G/Bluetooth5.0/Ethernet/(optional 4G)
Audio Output 3 2W
Structural Design Glass panel + aluminum alloy
Overall Dimension 150mm*150mm*15mm
Net weight 0.45KG
Input Power Power Adapter 12V/2.5A
Installation Wall mounting/86 box mounting/desktop mounting/embedded gates
Customized Can be customized to change the verification method, and other needs

FR05P Palm Vein Face Access Control (1)

FR05P Palm Vein Face Access Control (1)