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why use face recognition in school?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-12-16

No campus access control system to identify access to easily mixed with a variety of social illegal personnel or all kinds of abnormal personnel, easy to cause the loss of school property. And

face recognition in school

program can be very good verification of personnel, set access control.

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What is face recognition?

What are the benefits of introducing face recognition in schools

  • Face recognition system for intelligent management of campus dormitory homing
  • Face recognition access control attendance system, set attendance period freely!
  • Face recognition access control that accepts photos of children arriving at school as well as leaving school!
  • Face recognition payment, in campus scene application!
  • School face recognition overall solution, new upgrade of intelligent campus!
  • Campus face recognition consumption system to create a smart canteen!

Huifan successfully connected to Kenya school face recognition project

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What is face recognition?

Face recognition, a biometric technology based on the information of human face features for identification. Using a camera or camera to collect the image or video stream containing a human face, and automatically detect and track the face in the image, and then the face of the detected face a series of related technologies, often also called portrait recognition, facial recognition.

What are the benefits of introducing face recognition in schools?

Face recognition system for intelligent management of campus dormitory homing

The intelligent application of face recognition technology in life scenes brings convenience and increases the sense of security to people in many aspects such as life and work. Nowadays, face recognition is gradually introduced in school dormitories for dormitory management, bringing more convenience to dormitory management. How about the intelligent management of campus dormitory bedtime through face recognition system?
In the school dormitory building entrance channel using intelligent access control system to achieve access management, personnel face recognition in and out, the system to confirm the identity of people entering and leaving, detailed records of their access time, name, class, dormitory number and other information.
The face recognition system is used for efficient management of dormitory dormitory return to bed, viewing the entry and exit situation of each dormitory building, attendance of students returning to bed, etc. The data of students entering and leaving the dormitory with their faces can be used for bedtime management, and the system can be linked with WeChat in real time to push the relevant information to the class teacher and the host for effective management.
Applying dormitory face recognition for bedtime management, the system can automatically save the statistics of students who enter and leave, return late, and fail to return, and generate attendance reports, so that dormitory management personnel do not need to manually register the students' bedtime, and check the number of students returning to bedtime layer by layer, saving the time of manual bedtime checking and improving management efficiency.
Applying face recognition attendance system for school dormitory dormitory return to bed management, the system can also be real-time warning of outsiders following the tail situation. The use of card access control can not eliminate the situation that outsiders follow into the dormitory.
If the dormitory face recognition system recognizes that outsiders are following, the system can warn in real time. Because the information of the outsider has not been entered into the system, the capture photo and database new identification comparison, no information of the person will be found early warning, prompting management personnel to deal with.
The intelligent application of face recognition system in dormitory homecoming management provides convenience for students to enter and leave the dormitory, helps to enhance the management of students' homecoming situation by hostels and school administrators, and enhances the safety management of dormitory buildings.
With dynamic face recognition technology as the core, the intelligent management system integrates school campus security, classroom attendance, dormitory monitoring and library access control management into a complete ecosystem using Internet, big data and other technologies. It realizes the functions of automatic attendance statistics, dormitory statistics, meal settlement, automatic book borrowing and returning, and school gate security through face scanning, while adding abnormality processing and abnormality alert services to facilitate faculty and management staff to deal with abnormal situations in a timely manner.
The face recognition behavior analysis system can analyze student behavior, provide accurate analysis suggestions for teachers' management, and help schools manage students better.
Huifan intelligent campus face recognition intelligent management system is based on face recognition technology independently developed software and hardware integrated intelligent management platform, using large-scale architecture, with identification, school gate access management, dormitory access management, attendance management, examination management, notification management and many other functions. The campus face recognition management system effectively manages people entering and exiting the campus, reduces the risk of students being fraudulently claimed and harmed, improves the management efficiency of the school, creates a healthy and safe campus environment for students, and enhances the intelligence of the school and the image of the school.

Face recognition access control attendance system, set attendance period freely!


Huifan campus access control system unifies the management of all teachers and students in the school to ensure that the people who enter and leave the campus, can be controlled and checked. Free up manpower and reduce the potential risks caused by human factors.
Functional advantages.
  • Access Control
Customized access control rules for campus scenarios, e.g., multiple release modes based on walk-in/residence and real-time leave data.
The incoming and outgoing data is automatically reported as attendance data.
  • Leave of Absence
Teachers can take leave via cell phone, and the leave data will be pushed to the device in real time. Students can pass through the device by themselves without the need for the gatekeeper to release them manually.
  • Strangers
The face device recognizes strangers and takes photos to keep files.
  • Blacklist
When a blacklisted person is identified, a live alert will be given. It serves as a deterrent.
  • Big Data
Real-time school data, such as the number of people who should be there, the number of people who are actually there, the number of people who are absent, health data, etc.

Dynamic Face recognition access control that accepts photos of children arriving at school as well as leaving school!

School gates and other entrances and exits serve as a line of defense for security protection, and effective entry and exit supervision and information recording of incoming and outgoing personnel at school gates is the key to security prevention. The algorithm of green pass face recognition is used to effectively determine the students in school and the people outside the school, and to prevent people outside the school from entering the school. Parents do not need to install an app on their cell phones, they only need to follow the school's public number and bind their child's identity information to receive the time when their child enters or leaves the school, as well as the photos taken on site.
HFSecurity Face Recognition in school solution
 1. Stability: because the campus access security management system is uninterrupted and closely related to daily work and life, the stability of the system is important.
 2. Security: powerful real-time monitoring and networking alarm function can guarantee the security of the using environment.
 3. Easy maintenance: from computer configuration, system configuration and front-end configuration are fully considered to the reliability of the system, and the implementation of the corresponding human evidence.
 4. Practicality: for the situation of people entering and leaving the school during the peak period, the system can quickly and accurately identify people, thus avoiding congestion at the school gate.

Face recognition payment, in campus scene application!

Analysis of traditional card payment pain points.
01. The traditional card payment method relies on manual from ordering to settlement, which has the disadvantage of slow flow and long queue.
02. manual settlement and the risk of accounting errors.
03. The traditional card dining method requires students to carry their campus cards with them, and recharging requires students to carry cash on campus, and there are also cash loss or other insecurity factors.
Campus face payment solution.
Connecting campus services through face payment is the key for schools to quickly realize smart transformation. For campus payment security, Pinnacle Technology introduces face payment system, which binds campus card with face information and connects school payment system.
For schools, the combination of face payment and campus card can effectively reduce the cost of financial counting and reconciliation, and finally realize a "cardless" campus.
Face recognition technology uses human biometric characteristics for identity authentication, and the face payment system launched by Huifan Technology can effectively alleviate the queuing phenomenon of checkout during peak hours.
School face recognition access control and attendance system ensures the safety of students at school.
Campus safety is an issue that parents and campuses attach great importance to, especially for primary and secondary school students, kindergartens and other students whose awareness of prevention and self-protection are very weak, so it is more important to strengthen the management of student transportation, school gate access management and dormitory personnel access management.
Face recognition has sexual characteristics, can ensure the pick-up personnel verification comparison, student access to campus management, off-campus personnel access management and other functions, to ensure the safety of school students.
Campus application face recognition management system is still very necessary, this is a kind of campus security management system solution that is better than other ways, can realize completely intelligent and high security identity verification, realize students fast and safe access to campus, school administrators and parents can also through the system query, analysis, statistics function real-time grasp of student information, ensure the safety management of school students.

School face recognition overall solution, new upgrade of intelligent campus!

In order to improve school district safety management, create a safer learning environment, and enhance the relationship bond between students and parents, the face recognition school district management system can perform real-time video analysis, motion tracking, face detection and recognition on non-school personnel, such as parents picking up and dropping off children, strangers at the school gate, etc.
HFSecurity 8 inch face recognition china supplier
Face recognition solutions.
1、Wisdom campus access control system schools access to Pinke face recognition technology to create campus wisdom access control, to achieve the security personnel and managers easily to students late, leave and other abnormal behavior of accurate registration, and through the campus WeChat service number sent to the hands of classroom teachers, parents in real time. Teachers and campus administrators can directly check the records on the campus WeChat public number.
2. Based on AI face recognition technology, the smart cafeteria completes the identification of students to avoid the trouble of students fraudulently using other people's campus cards and losing their cards. Realize cardless dining.
3、Access AI face technology to the teaching service platform, accurate student data portrait after face recognition, for the disciplinary students who do not want to cooperate, teachers can accurately identify and record students' moral performance at any time, fully help campus moral education efficient management.
Through Huifan face recognition technology, realize the management of student routine within the school without card and refinement. Now the school, in addition to student performance, also accurately records the daily record of students' moral behavior performance, laying a solid foundation for student big data analysis and artificial intelligence-aided decision-making of the leadership.
Campus face recognition consumption system to create a smart canteen!
Face recognition consumption system has gradually matured and become common, and it is easy to see various applications of face recognition in life. Campus canteens have also introduced face recognition systems as well, providing diners with highly convenient services that save time, heart and energy.
So what are the advantages of smart canteen?
1. Avoid losing cards and money.
In the past: students bring cash to recharge, and each time the recharge is concentrated at the beginning of the school year, the queue time is long, and it is also easy to lose money and cards.
Now: students do not need to bring their meal cards to eat in the cafeteria, how much the child eats at school and how much is deducted.
2. Save study time
Previously: opening, charging, losing, losing, replacing and wasting time, as well as not replacing the card in time after losing the meal card is also prone to theft, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.
Now: students can dine with their faces without carrying their meal cards, and there is no need to lose, replace or recharge their cards.
3. Eliminate reckless spending and develop good habits
In the past: individual students took cash to school and only took part of the living expenses to charge their cards, and most of them didn't eat or ate less when they didn't have much money near the holidays, and the junior high school period is a critical time for growth, which will cause malnutrition in children in the long run.
Now: the child's school meal consumption, parents with cell phones can clearly understand and see their children every meal dining situation, easy to understand the child consumption trends, timely correction of children's bad habits.

Huifan successfully connected to Kenya school face recognition project

HFSecurity RA08T 8 inch face recognition in school


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