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Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition payment

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-08-22

Under the combination of Internet + big data, the development of artificial intelligence gradually changes our life and makes life more convenient. For example, brush face attendance, brush face into the station, brush face payment and so on, face recognition technology into the scene of people's life, face recognition company to provide more face recognition solutions. Then HFSecurity shares with you about face recognition payment, do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of face recognition payment applied in business?

Advantages of face recognition payment.


Face collection is more intuitive

Merchants can realize face swipe by collecting user's photo and keeping it in the database, and then comparing the user's facial features with the photo through the improvement of algorithm.

Lower cost and higher convenience

In order of accuracy of biometric recognition, it is iris, fingerprint, and face in descending order of recognition accuracy. However, face recognition can be enhanced according to camera enhancement. For example, binocular camera, structured light camera, TOF and other applications. From the applicability point of view, it is difficult to make users all extract iris information and fingerprint information. And face recognition can be compared from ID photos. And iris recognition and fingerprint recognition have to be additional devices, while performing face recognition, which can be identified or collected by cell phone.

There is a better experience, so that the user is more easily accepted

Because face recognition is improved according to the improvement of the camera, the improvement of the algorithm will make the brush face verification completed quickly, so that users feel that this technology is efficient and convenient. The fingerprint and iris also rely on the recognition of intelligent hardware modules, such as fingerprint recognition, if the fingerprint is broken it can not be recognized.
The use of artificial intelligence camera for identification, relatively speaking, user acceptance will be higher, its payment time is relatively short, can reduce the consumer's waiting time, so that consumers feel convenient.
HFSecurity SP27 Face recognition payment kisok

Use cheaper cost to complete the cashier

Health screen and other face temperature measurement access control installation is relatively easy, for the mall management, the application of face recognition equipment can effectively reduce the user waiting time during the peak hours of passenger flow, customers can more convenient to the mall shopping consumption.

Effectively reduce the error rate of recognition

Face recognition swipe payment adopts biometric technology and computer graphics technology for processing, which can accurately recognize faces, can accurately recognize faces with negligible error rate, can accurately recognize static pictures and makeup pictures, and can make more accurate recognition of faces.
 First, swipe face payment can save 50% of our labor cost, and the cost saved can bring more customer flow and conversion to the store if it is advertised in the form of preferential products.
Second, it is more convenient to pay by swiping your face, so you don't have to worry about losing money, replacing QR codes, or virus invasion. Don't stand in line, your phone is out of battery. Just swipe your face to complete the payment process. If you are a regular customer of the store, you only need to click "swipe face to pay" once, and then swipe your face to finish the payment. In addition, face payment is 2-5 seconds faster than code payment, which accelerates the speed of payment collection and means increased customer traffic.

Disadvantages of face recognition payment.

Compared with other biometrics such as fingerprint and iris, face recognition is a biometric feature with weak privacy, so there are concerns about the existence of privacy for face recognition payment. In the information age, much of the data processing, analysis, and application is realized by algorithms. If the algorithms are applied to crime assessment, credit loans, employment assessment, and other occasions that concern people's interests, they may endanger the interests of individuals or society if they produce discrimination. Therefore face payment and face recognition applications in finance or business still have certain risks.
Now, the application of face recognition in security, finance and new retail has been implemented in real life, and the scene application is becoming more and more popular. Because, the application of face recognition has to protect the user's data and make its application more secure.
The disadvantage of face recognition payment is that the privacy may be leaked. Using face recognition payment requires uploading face information, and in this process, the risk of privacy leakage may arise.


Unlike digital passwords or fingerprint authentication, the human five senses are unstable. As a simple example, many women are always used to wearing heavy makeup. Once a user wears heavy makeup, facial features will change and the machine will not recognize them. Even without makeup, sunglasses or other accessories, the accuracy of face recognition will be affected. Besides makeup, allergies, injuries and plastic surgery can cause huge changes in the five senses, which is certainly a potential risk for face recognition technology.

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