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How to Find a Reliable Facial Recognition Factory in China

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-08-25

China is a big manufacturing country, there are many face recognition factories. How can you find a reliable biometric factory in China, especially during the epidemic when it is impossible to come to your home for certification, next will give you 20 ways to help you find a reliable factory
1. Professional Certification
5S" is an abbreviation for the five words "Seiri", "Seiton", "Seiso", "Seiketsu" and "Shitsuke".
5S is the foundation, in China to choose a reliable facial recognition supply want, must look at whether there is 5S, especially in the production plant, if 5S is well organized, the scene of the material will be neatly placed, clean, neat specification. At a glance, it is clear. If a factory looks messy at a glance. Materials are placed haphazardly, garbage is everywhere. Tools flying all over the place, the management level must not be complimentary. There is a saying: even the 5S are not doing well in the factory, it is impossible to do other things well, let alone talk about what the cost. Quality, delivery.
And I will focus on two locations: one is the bathroom, one is the back of the machine or corner. If these two points are done well, the company's management level must be very good.
Through the ISO9001:2018 quality management system certification of the company, it means that it has a perfect quality assurance system, the quality of products have relatively mature measures to protect.
For example, whether each update of the motherboard has a record, so that it can correspond to the customer shipments of machines, customers in the motherboard problems can quickly find the motherboard model in a timely manner.
⒉Device management.
About facial recognition equipment management look at two aspects, one is the maintenance of equipment, the second is the routine maintenance of equipment. Factory equipment is a weapon in the hands of workers, a well-trained troops will polish their weapons lithium bright, like loving eye care. If the equipment inside the workshop is clean, the daily spot check to confirm the implementation in place, then their management level must not be bad to where.
Factories generally look at two points, the first is the annual, quarterly, monthly maintenance of equipment is being done, the second is the daily spot check maintenance is carried out. If these two points have to do, the company's management level must not be bad to where.
3. Design and development capabilities.
The quality of the product is determined from the beginning of the design, a company management level is most representative of his design ability. The company with strong design ability must be competitive. A good company will go through strict verification from design input to output, and strictly follow the company's management rules. A poor company's design end is a formality, addicted to imitation, copying into the habit.
Whether it can be customized and docked.
Face recognition products due to its different practical applications, customer requirements for interfaces and functions will be different, generally speaking, completely standardized production of products with relatively few functions and can not be multi-party software docking. Although the price of such face recognition products is very low, the actual functions may only simply meet a few functions such as access control.
If a customer wishes to have customization service and interface docking service, it is best to choose a high-quality supplier and confirm whether the other party has software and hardware R&D personnel; without such staffing, customization and docking service is basically impossible.
Various biometric products
4. Control of details.
Now Yang is the core of all management, and the level of the site directly reflects the level of the company's management. Each process of product from design input to production realization should have strict control. Some details can show the level of management of this company. If a company with high management level, all the processes will have detailed records, from input to output every process node is controlled and recorded, all the production process is under strict monitoring, thus ensuring the quality. A company with low management level, on the other hand, does not pay attention to details, does not pay attention to the process, and the management is out of control.
Reliable face face suppliers in the details of strict control, whether there is a clean room, whether workers assembled wearing static hand ring, isolation clothing, so that in the assembly of TP, screen, the equipment will not dust, and to ensure that each chip does not exist in the transition discharge models
5. Continuous improvement ability
Continuous improvement ability is the fundamental of a company's sustainable operation. To see the level of management of this company, we have to look at the company's ability to improve, the ability to continue to improve. Especially the ability to improve in the face of difficulties. Not to be disturbed by the outside world. Persistence in improvement.
Each customer's requirements are different, whether the customer's requirements even to adjust product specifications, satisfactory delivery to customers.
6. Customer service management.
Customer is the God of the factory, what the customer needs, the factory should be able to produce what. Always take the customer as God, always put the customer first, such a company want not to develop are difficult.
To sum up, a good company must be a solid foundation, strict control of details, pay close attention to the site, continuous improvement, rapid response, rapid customer service.
7. Look at the appearance
Look at the plant and appearance of the facial recognition supplier, if the plant is a tin room, the appearance is a small workshop, basically can conclude that it is not worth going in
This is very intuitive, want to know how the factory, if you can not go in, directly outside the gate, look at their plant and the appearance of the line. This operation is very simple, nothing costly, directly through the observation can have a general judgment.
For example.
Factory building appearance style is relatively old, similar to the tiles or building exterior walls are scarred, that is, the factory has been built for a long time, open for many years; factory appearance style is new, mild and positive tone, indicating that the factory corporate culture is good, encourage innovation; factory signage slogan is more eye-catching, posted everywhere, indicating that the factory advocate wolf culture, struggle upward; factory if everywhere is cement, can not find a green landscape or fountain, that said relatively boring; plant if it is iron, but also hung with a few xuan wind ball ventilation device, that do not enter, too hot in the summer; plant if it is a tall building building, up and down communication all rely on elevators, that means the work environment is not bad; plant and colorful exterior walls, and even a little deliberately show off the graffiti, that may be a creative industrial park or simply a paint factory.
So, you can judge some results from the appearance of a factory alone.
08. Floor space
A qualified facial recognition supplier can look at the footprint and building scale, if both are relatively small and broken, it is not worth entering
This view is a continuation of the previous one. In fact, the scale of a factory's footprint is very much related to its scale of operation, the industry in which it is located, the scope of products and attributes, but to outsiders, a large factory with "strength" is not going to say that there is only a bullet.
Because from the ground can be seen, the plant's scale of operation, after all, the establishment of the plant is to meet the production needs, and the larger the area, the more people feel "strong", on behalf of the operation, operation, the stronger the ability to repay, not only shows that the assets are strong, but also to a certain extent that the staff is not bad at all The salary.
The other advantage is that for the employees, the company has a lot of money.
Another point of benefit is that for employees, open factory floor space does not make people feel small and cramped, but also more conditions for the implementation of greening and welfare infrastructure, so this point of view, or can be distinguished from the good and bad.
09 Team spirit
Professional facial recognition factory must be indispensable professional personnel
Look at the spirit of the staff and the degree of neatness, including whether to wear work clothes, because the informal factory does not pay attention to these
This is necessary. Because the main body of the factory is the workers, there must be people involved in order to make the factory run, and a factory runs well, and the labor group's own spiritual appearance has a lot to do with, of course, the reverse is also true.
HFSecurity face recognition supplier
If the labor intensity of the factory is low, the factory treatment is medium to high, and the factory area is neat and tidy, then the spirit of the employees must be able to emerge. By observing the neatness of the labor group can also reflect to a certain extent the implementation of the factory's 5S management regulations in place, you can also distinguish whether the implementation of corporate publicity and training in place here, these are formal factories focus on, must be used to do long-term business magic, is also the customer to inspect the factory hope to see.
In short, only the informal factory will be "lazy" to do these things, and the development and management of more formal factories, will spend time and energy to do these things.
10 look at the process      
 The purpose of looking at processes is to see if a company has a lean layout and is creating uninterrupted operational processes to visualize problems. Processes are very important. A process layout that is interrupted at all times has waste everywhere, and a lean layout process can eliminate a lot of waste at the source of the design. It is crucial to implement lean management and to have a lean layout upfront.
11. Look at visualization      
 Visualization is about making problems simple, about managing with your eyes. Visualization is also the reflection of the corporate management atmosphere, the visual communication of management level. Visualization is the embodiment of visual management board, I will be divided into static and dynamic management board. Static board is mainly to convey the organization's long-term management philosophy, dynamic board is the manager at any time to grasp the management information, I think the dynamic management board can reflect an organization's management level and ability.
12、Look at standardization      
 A company must have many standards, the reason why it is called standardization, is to popularize the standard to the level of enforceable. There are four key issues in establishing standards.
1、Is everyone able to know the normal and abnormal?
2、Does everyone know the standard approach they should take?
3、Does everyone know the main problems of their work?
4、Does everyone know what they are doing?
13、Look at the culture       
 Although we are looking for a facial recognition provider, the company culture is also an integral part . If a company has such a lean culture, firstly, it requires senior management to go to the front line and listen directly to employees; secondly, in this culture, lean tools are used every day to bring out potential problems, and everyone asks "why" until the root cause of the problem is identified. Third, it is a "problem-first" culture, where senior management works with employees to solve problems and appreciates those who find new problems.
A lean corporate culture is an intrinsic motivator for business development. With a lean process, a visual approach to problem management, standardized management benchmarks, and an innovative culture, this company should be worth visiting and learning from.
Soft Power 
Certification from professional institutions
A good biometric supplier should have an industrial certification. This indicates that the quality of the products offered is reliable and qualified, as they have passed strict regulations and factory certification means that the work area has met the requirements of the manufacturing organization.
14. Availability of industry experience
Whether the face recognition equipment supplier has industry experience or not is directly related to the quality of after-sales service of the product. No security industry experience of the company, often in the product design is easy to see the actual application scene demand, when the user in the purchase of face recognition product equipment encountered the need for product upgrades and docking situation, such suppliers are often at their wits' end
15 After-sales service
Biometric products need maintenance. Biometric product is a relatively high-tech product, which needs to be operated on hardware and also on software. An excellent biometric product supplier should be able to provide after-sales service
16. Security
Commitment to security
Data security is an important issue in the biometric industry. Because of this, data security regulations have become more stringent and are constantly changing. A good biometric vendor will be able to adhere to these changes and take steps to address them.
reliable face recognition china factory
17 Confidentiality agreements
A factory that can sign a non-disclosure agreement with its customers can overwhelmingly prove that the factory is fully committed to customer service, will genuinely do a good job with the customer's product, and will keep it confidential when the customer is not in production for the market, which is something the factory has to undertake both in terms of legal agreements and protecting the interests of the customer.
18 Professional factory inspection agency
If your needs and projects are more precise and confidential, you need to conduct a full inspection of the factory, this time you can hire a professional factory inspection agency to serve you. But be sure to choose the factory inspection agency that has global credibility.
19 Random video call
When we want to video factory inspection, try not to confirm the time with the supplier, will give non-factory time difference, prepare in advance, such as temporary employment of a factory, or borrow a factory. When we want to see the strength of the factory, we can always call the supplier, if the supplier immediately respond, then the strength of this facial recognition factory will not be too big. If the supplier can't reply in time, then it needs to be left to be examined.
20 Logistics method
A professional and reliable facial recognition supplier will choose faster, more convenient and more efficient logistics channels to ensure that all goods can be delivered to customers on time and in quantity, so they will have different logistics solutions to choose from.
This point can also be used as a direction of choice
We hope the above 20 aspects will help you find a reliable facial recognition provider in China, and if you have better suggestions, please contact us!