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15 Tips for business choose access control

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-08-30





How to use science and technology to improve their own security, how to improve the security of the enterprise unit or even improve the security of the whole society, simple handwritten registration has long since failed to meet the strict requirements of the unit for visitor management. Now, visitors who forget their ID cards can pass through the intelligent visitor function of the access control management system and authorize face recognition on site. Efficient personnel management mode, was introduced by many units to use. Enterprises how to choose a suitable access control system, the following will give you a list of 15 tips on how to choose access control system

Title list

一 type

二 advantages

三 rugged

四, compatibility

五. Anti-interference design

六, humanized design

七 powerful software management features

八, extremely strong stability

九, extremely strong resistance to damage

十, flexible scalability and economy

十一, easy maintenance

十二. Product appearance

十三: Selecting a supplier

十四: Select the type of product

十五: determine the core functions

一. Access Control Type
1. not networked access control.
Is a machine to manage a door, can not be controlled by computer software, and can not see the record, directly through the controller for control. Features are cheap, easy to install and maintain, can not view records, not suitable for the number of people more than 50 or frequent movement of personnel (referring to the frequent entry and exit) of the place, but also not for the number of doors more than 5 works.
2.485 network access control
Is the type of access control that can communicate with the computer, the direct use of software for management, including card and event control. So there is easy management, centralized control, you can view records, analysis of records to be processed for other purposes. Features installation and maintenance does increase, but the training is simple, high security, stable performance, and can be value-added services such as time and attendance. Suitable for a large number of people, mobility and doors of the project.
3. TCP/IP access control
Also known as Ethernet network access control, access control systems can also be networked, but through the network cable to the computer and controller for networking. In addition to having all the advantages of 485 access control networking, but also has a faster, simpler installation, the number of networked larger, you can cross-regional or cross-town networking. But there is a high price of equipment, the need to have knowledge of computer networks. Suitable for installation in large projects, a large number of people, speed requirements, cross-territory projects.
二 Advantages
1. Password access control system.
By entering the password, the system determines that the password is correct to drive the electric lock and open the door to release.
Advantages: only need to remember the password, without carrying other media. Low cost.
Disadvantages: slow, it usually takes several seconds to enter the password, if too many people in and out, you need to queue. If you make a mistake, you have to re-enter it, which takes longer. Poor security, the person next to the gesture is easy to remember the password of others, the password is easy not to remember or leak.
Trends: Password access control is used on fewer occasions, only in the security requirements of low, low cost, infrequent use of the occasion is still in use.
2. Card access control system.
According to the type of card is divided into contact card access control system [magnetic stripe card barcode card] and non-contact card [also called induction card radio frequency card] access control system. Contact card access control system due to contact with the card is easy to wear, the number of uses is not much, the card is easy to damage, etc., the scope of use is almost less and less, only in and bank card [magnetic stripe card] related occasions are used, for example: the bank VIP channel access control system, unattended cash machine access control system and other local industry areas are still in use. Contactless IC card, due to its durability and cost effectiveness, read speed and security advantages is the mainstream of the current access control system. Therefore, the current many people on the non-contact IC card access control system is referred to as the access control system.
3. Biometric access control system.
According to the different biological characteristics of the human body and identify the access control system. Commonly available: fingerprint access control system [each person's fingerprint pattern characteristics there are differences], palm meter access control system [each person's palm bone shape there are differences] iris access control system [each person's retina through the optical scan there are differences] portrait recognition access control system [each person's features and location of the five senses are different] and so on.
The advantages of biometric access control system are: no need to carry cards and other media, less chance of duplication, not easy to be copied, and high security.
Disadvantages are: high cost. Because biometric identification needs to compare many parameter features, the comparison speed is slow, which is not conducive to the occasion of too many people. The biometric features of human body will change with the environment and time, so it is easy to produce rejection rate [obviously the person, but his biometric features have changed, and think it is not the person], for example: fingerprint is different due to the season and dry humidity, palm shape and portrait is changed due to age, iris is changed due to eye disease, etc. Therefore, biometric access control system, although advanced and secure, however, the scope of application is limited, only in a small number of people, high security requirements, do not worry about the high cost of a few areas of application, is not the mainstream of the current access control system. Access control system in accordance with its application occasions and application objects are different and some derivative forms. For example: the parking lot for vehicle access control system, subway access control system for subway bus fare.
how to select access control supplier
三, rugged
Robust and durable can be said to be the most important condition of the access control system, because first of all, functionally speaking, the access control system is to protect the lives and property security of users, if even it is not strong enough, then how to talk about protecting others? Secondly, the access control system is the user in and out of the necessary place, the use of extremely frequent, so you can often hear users complain about the failure of the access control system.
So how to determine whether a product is strong and durable?
It is recommended that users should consider as far as possible in the world's leading mature brands of products, on the one hand, they have a typical user, and the quality has been tested a lot, and highly recognized in the industry.
In terms of hardware, from the controller to the terminal identification equipment are mature and stable products. As the core of the system access control controller need to support offline working mode, must use flash and other non-volatile memory chip, power failure or by the impact of information will not be lost. Server and terminal identification equipment failure does not affect the normal operation of the system
For many cases of human damage, in the selection of equipment should also pay attention to look at the performance of the product in terms of anti-tampering, such as whether it has anti-tampering alarm and other similar features.
四, compatibility
Users know that now a large community house type is not just one, may be a blend of multi-storey, small high-rise, high-rise and other different grades of positioning of residential, due to audio and video codec algorithms, wiring standards, communication protocols, interfaces are not uniform and lead to compatibility / standardization issues have been plagued by purchasers. This is when multi-system compatibility of equipment is needed, so that different system requirements can be integrated according to different grades of communities, thus adapting to different user needs.
Then, in order to facilitate future upgrades, expansion and for anti-interference considerations, it is recommended to choose terminal identification equipment that conforms to international standards, rather than the broader the compatibility the better. Some formats in the local existence of some advantages, but does not conform to the international standard, will later upgrade, expansion and anti-interference bring trouble, should adhere to the practical, stable, in line with the standard principle.
五. Anti-interference design
Anti-interference ability is the current building intercom industry generally feel the headache. In terms of product quality, anti-interference ability is urgent to improve, especially in some thunderstorm-prone areas. And in the field construction, improper wire selection, wiring irregularities, etc. will also lead to a variety of interference problems. Therefore, the need to attract the general attention of product suppliers and builders.
Most of the current market building intercom door power supply rated voltage of 220V, AC peak or synthetic voltage of 190 ~ 250V, the test voltage of the electric strength should be 1.5kV. to meet this requirement, can only meet the requirements of sudden changes in the circuit system, but can not resist the lightning over-voltage, oversized current attack. Therefore, the building intercom door should have a lightning protector and grounding device good anti-static, lightning strike, anti-leakage design, which can avoid many problems in the later use of the product.
六, humanized design
Access control system products are products for the public, the use of humane is one of the most important features. Humanized design here mainly refers to the humanization of the operating interface, including indoor machines, door machines, etc. For purchasers, often children and the elderly to use more, so the more foolish operation, the better the operating interface, such as: the operation process of language prompts, family messages, etc.; screen graphics interface is richer, not just text prompts.
As for this point, users in the purchase of products to understand more, after shopping around, choose their favorite and suitable for the product.
七, powerful software management features
With the increasingly wide range of applications of access control systems, the requirements and attendance management, security alarms, parking control, elevator control, consumer management, CCTV linkage, online patrol and other systems to achieve linkage control functions, so the system software should have a video interface, and support the expansion of functions.
In addition to the above points, there are some like easy maintenance, anti-deadline design, etc. are the key words that users need to pay attention to when choosing an access control intercom system, it is best to choose a mature brand of products, so as to ensure the quality of the product at the same time, but also to ensure a sound and powerful service system, the later will also save a lot of trouble.
Access control system used in combination with other systems, the main purpose is to achieve the security of personnel and equipment in and out of the park, the implementation of real-time monitoring of entrances and exits to facilitate management, the application of card or biometric technology to achieve a senseless and intelligent park management functions. Strictly enforce one entry and one exit, and play the role of anti-trailing.
Online management: security management information, monitoring, alarm, real-time online, real-time supervision of the inspection process, electronic standardized inspection records.
Comprehensive IOT: Full realization of factory positioning signal coverage, real-time display monitoring, electronic fence, track recognition, monitoring video linkage, etc.
Video monitoring: real-time identification and detection of employees' helmet wearing, real-time warning of dangerous behaviors not worn display resource sharing: platform data and information for various departments to call and view, to achieve data and information interconnection.
Data analysis: data collection, storage and processing, displayed in flow charts, trends, alarms, reports, etc.
Vehicle management system: Strict control of vehicle access and real-time statistics of vehicle passage information.
Resource sharing:Platform data and information for various departments to call and view, to achieve data and information interconnection.
Equipment inspection: Set up inspection plan, and the system executes it automatically on schedule to ensure the integrity of equipment.
Process control: According to the enterprise situation, flexibly set up the reporting process to enhance efficiency and improve response speed.
Attendance management: The platform sets up the shift, and you can realize the attendance management, which can confirm the late, early, absentee and overtime work by punching in and out of work time.
Visitor management: real-time tracking of visitor location; immediate warning if overstepping access; intelligent visitor registration and identity verification; visitor record statistics.
Integrated platform access management: open the relevant interfaces according to demand, cooperate with enterprises to do a good job in accessing information, and realize the integrated management platform with convenient module dragging and dropping.
access control factory
八, extremely strong stability
"Stability" is the primary principle of access control system selection, should be considered as far as possible in the world's leading mature products, after a number of authoritative certification, and has many typical users, many years of normal operation, and is highly recognized in the industry.
In terms of hardware, from the controller to the terminal identification equipment are mature and stable products. As the core of the system access control controller needs to support offline mode of work, must use flash and other non-volatile memory chip, power failure or by the impact of information will not be lost. Server and terminal identification equipment failure does not affect the normal operation of the system
As the access control system relies on the management software, should have a stable and reasonable database structure design, and between the hardware, using real-time polling mode, maintain and monitor the hardware communication connection and address, complete data integrity, reliability, consistency.
九, extremely strong resistance to damage
Access control system is used to protect the safety of personnel and property, so the system itself must be safe. The high security mentioned here, on the one hand, refers to the natural or quasi-natural properties of the product or system, should ensure the safety of equipment, system operation and operator safety, for example: the equipment and the system itself should be able to resist high temperature, low temperature, heat and humidity, and anti-static, anti-interference, etc.; on the other hand, access control systems and security systems should also have the function of anti-tampering, such as: with anti-tampering alarm, etc..
十, flexible scalability and economy
The main equipment should be modular design and the use of advanced wiring, through software and hardware upgrades to achieve future system expansion, without having to make too many changes to the system to maximize the principle of economy, while the product should be cost-effective advantage.
十一, easy maintenance
The system should be easy to install and configure, simple to use, and has a unified network management capabilities, easy to maintain.
十二, in the manufacturer's designated agents to buy mature brand products
Mature brands to ensure a complete and strong service system, which includes two aspects: one is the project implementation of technical support and considerate after-sales service; the second is a reliable follow-up R & D capabilities to ensure that the old and new products have coherence and compatibility.
While buying from agents can have reliable quality and perfect service, buying from other channels may have a lower price, but technical support and after-sales service may not be enough.
十三. Product appearance
With the improvement of people's aesthetic standard, while pursuing the function and practicality, its appearance design can be taken as one of the reference standards with a view to achieving the additional function of visual enjoyment.
十四: Selecting a supplier
From whom to buy access control systems? To manufacturers, agents or engineers?
A: Many consumers will exist a misconception that buying directly with the manufacturer, the price will be cheaper, after-sales service will have some protection. In fact, not quite. Really strong manufacturers, generally do not develop and produce, and direct sales of products to consumers. In particular, access control products are not a daily necessity, requiring a certain amount of technology to design construction and maintenance. If manufacturers sell products directly to consumers, will touch the interests of agents and engineers, without the strong support and cooperation of agents and engineers, manufacturers have no broad prospects for development. Manufacturers' human resources are generally equipped in the development of production and technical support-sales. Generally will not be equipped with a large number of human and material resources in engineering construction and door-to-door service. In a way, agents and engineers in the engineering service level will instead be higher than the manufacturers. Price, also may not be lower than the price of agents and engineers, because if the manufacturer will do the price system is chaotic, there is no agent and engineer for the manufacturer to sell. Therefore, you will often see the price of cell phone stores instead of some sellers is higher than the same reason. In addition, with agents and engineers to buy another benefit, if one day this agent or engineer company has a problem, can not continue to serve, you can still find the manufacturer, continue to provide services. This after-sales service will have twofold protection. On the contrary, some small manufacturers, in order to immediate interests, and sell products, and engineering, at the expense of the interests of agents and engineers to work with you, is very dangerous. He is likely to do little, will be eliminated by the market competition. Therefore, the author believes that consumers are best to buy products from the agents and engineers designated by the manufacturer, but can consult the manufacturer on technical issues.
:Select the type of product
Q: is the purchase of stand-alone access control machine or purchase networked access control machine?
A: The so-called stand-alone access control machine, which is not and computer networking and set permissions, through the main card payment card, or infrared remote control or password keyboard design registration card access rights. The advantages are: easy wiring construction, cheap. The disadvantage is that there is no personalized access rights management, no access records query, only the basic functions of access control. When there are many doors, set complex and tired. Security is weak. Networked access control system is through the computer to all doors for access management, set up a strong access control management functions and permissions, you can monitor the door in and out in real time, query all the doors in and out of the record, the more doors, the easier to set up, the more convenient management. High security. The disadvantage is that: the price is slightly higher than the stand-alone access control machine. Why independent access control machine security is lower? Because the independent type access control machine reads the card and control part is integrated together, if installed outside the door, will be opened for short connection, the door is open. Although you can external a card reader, the main body is installed in the door, external card reader installed outside the door, so the cost is high. But still can only prevent the gentleman, can not prevent the villain. If the internal thief there is no way. If the networked access control system can be a perfect solution to these problems. In addition, the networked access control system also has a basic attendance function, you can save money to buy attendance punching machine, and attendance records are more fair and objective, the speed of statistics science and fast. So, if your company for cost reasons, only need a simple access control function, no personalized access management features, and to install access control door number is not much, and do not need attendance function, security requirements are not high, it is suitable for the use of independent type of access control system. If you want to use a real sense of the access control system, please choose a networked access control system. Moreover, networked access control system has a better expansion, you can first on a few doors, feel good to use, and then expand the capacity.
best access control device for business
十五: determine the core functions
1, real-time attendance query: managers can real-time query staff card records and other related information as well as unpunched employees, but also by condition to query part or all of the staff card records and details.
2、Basic attendance processing: The defined attendance settings can process various attendance data and automatically judge the late, early and absent staff and the details of punching within the effective punching time.
3、A variety of attendance statistics: It can provide real-time statistics on the attendance information related to employees and departments such as commuting, overtime, lateness, early departure, leave, absence, etc.
4、Automatic deduction statistics: According to the attendance situation and attendance settings, it can automatically count the amount of deduction for all employees' attendance within a certain time range, which is convenient for salary calculation.
5、Automatic overtime statistics: According to the staff overtime punching time and the overtime time arranged by the enterprise, the actual and arranged overtime time is automatically counted, which can flexibly adapt to the overtime time statistics of various enterprises.
6、Abnormal matters processing: the staff who delayed punching in due to official matters can be processed to make up the card, the staff who took leave can be processed to take leave, the time change of a staff or a shift can be processed to adjust the working hours, and the statistics at the end of the month can be carried out to automatically calculate the number of leave days.
Live detection function
The so-called live detection function is the function of judging whether the current user is live or not by collecting the dynamic biological characteristics of the user. The traditional face recognition attendance machine, due to the use of 2D image recognition, may be used by people with ulterior motives to cheat face recognition with photos, causing security risks.
And with the continuous development of face recognition technology, the face algorithm possessed by the new generation of enterprise face recognition access control attendance system is already capable of live detection, which can effectively resist common cheating methods such as photos, face changing, masks, masking and screen flipping.
Practical scene application
When purchasing enterprise face recognition access control attendance system, the time and environment condition of the enterprise is one of the issues that must be considered, and the purchased products should have the ability to adapt to different situations such as actual scene changes and personnel changes.
In order to cope with the complex environment, the face recognition technology used must support a variety of application scenarios such as different light intensity, even in fog, rain, snow and other bad weather conditions still maintain normal recognition, and can detect the dynamic information of the face from a variety of angles such as front face and side face. Especially when the product is used outdoors, in addition to whether the face device can maintain normal recognition, whether the material chosen is durable also requires us to conduct more investigation.
System upgrade iteration
Nowadays, the application of enterprise face recognition access control attendance system is more and more extensive, face recognition technology is also constantly maturing and developing, to be able to directly carry out system upgrade iteration on the original system, not only can save the expensive cost of replacing the whole machine, but also can save materials and play a role in protecting the environment, so when choosing the enterprise face recognition access control attendance system, must choose durable and System upgrade iteration more convenient products.
Algorithm deployment
Face recognition terminal equipped with the face recognition algorithm can be deployed in the cloud server or the local server.
If deployed in the cloud, the hardware configuration requirements of the terminal are not high. In order to reduce the hardware cost, some face terminals will put the algorithm on the server, and the consequence of doing so is that once it encounters unexpected situations such as power failure and network disconnection, face recognition cannot be carried out, and data may be lost.
The best is to choose to deploy the face recognition database locally, even if offline will not affect the use, while more secure, data security protection. It can be docked to different databases to meet various individualized and customized needs.
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