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Time Attendance Series




RA06T Body Temperature Camera Thermometer Face Recognition Camera Attendance for Employee

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

is an  AI biometric technology that uses identity recognition based on human facial features and
uses infrared sensors to measure and record body temperature in real time. This product is based
on the face algorithm technology of the multi-task cascaded convolutional neural network, which
realizes the effective extraction, recognition and comparison of human facial features, supports
face recognition by wearing masks and measures body temperature, and is widely used.

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

face recognition with temperature measurement

• 4.3 inch screen
200W Pixel hd color camera,
100W Infrared camera
                                                           RA06T Temperature Detection Face Recognition Terminal
                                                               It can support long rang detection, visible light facial recognition, live face detection
4.3 inch touch screen,Excellent touch, easy to click . 4.3 inch capacitive lcd, all data is clearly visible.
200W pixel hd color camera and 100w infrared camera support dynamic facial living detection. detect timing is 1s。  
                                                                ai facial recognition camera
RA06T  face recognition with temperature measurement support time attendannce software, datasheet. 
Schedule shifts, clock in and operate on the software.
Attendance reports can be exported, saving a lot of manpower time and improving work efficiency.
                                                  face detection algorithm for android
                                                            facial recognition software access control
RA06T face recognition with temperature detection
RA06T facial recognition outdoor device support dynamic detect, and high temperature alarm. 
If your temperature is too high, the system will give an alarm,
and the administrator will receive a warning that the temperature is too high
and take measures to protect the health and safety of everyone.
                                            face recognition terminal with temperature measurement
RA06T Face Recognition Terminal Installation Methods
 RA06T has multiple installation methods, which can be compatible in any occasion.
Able to meet the installation requirements of different scenarios.
Such as wall mounted, desk placement, desktop version etc.
                                                  applications of facial recognition technology
                                                             facial recognition software access control
RA06T Face Recognition Device Multi-Language
 RA06T support multi-language such as chinense, english, Thaim French, Spanish, Turksish
                                                Facial Recognition Multi-language

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

CPU 4 cores 1.2G
Temperature detection distance 0.5 meter
Temperature detection error 0.5°C
Temperature detection minimum unit 0.1°C
Camera 200W Pixel hd color camera, 100W Infrared camera
LED LED Double high power infrared light
Display 4.3" Capacitive LCD touch screen
Resolution 800*480
Communication TCP/IP, USB type-A, WIFI
FRR ≤0.1%
FAR ≤0.001%
Power supply DC 12V, 2A
Operating temperature -15°C- 60C
Operating system LINUX
Language Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian and more
User capacity 10000
Record Capacity 1,000,000
ldentification style Visible Light Facial Recognition, PIN, ID, face & PIN combination
ldentification Mode 1:1, 1:N
Recognition Name recognition, work number recognition
Face recognition time 0.2S
Intelligent function Live face detection
Detection rang 0.5-3m
Magnetic door Support
Alarm output 1 set
WG 1 set WG In, out
Dimension 184mm*113mm*20mm
Working Humidity 10% to 90%
Power Consumption 10W MAX
Installation Method Turnstile, Wall mounted, Desktop, Floor Type
Device Size 234(L)*125(W)*24.5(H)mm


facial recognition software access control